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Welcome to STK Life
Welcome to STK Life

Mobile Network Operator Case Study

Hardware: NEO 100 SIM Desk Phone
Client: Vodafone

Client Objective

To design and develop a plug and play SIM operated Deskphone with full virtual PBX capabilities for Vodafone to acquire mobile subscriptions, by targeting the Enterprise market.

The Result

  • STK NEO1000 with global transmission capability and
    global certification.
  • New device for a new customer with slightly different requirements.
  • Procurement budget savings.


  • Created bespoke hardware, designed by Santok in the UK, with a 5-year year warranty and lifetime technical and user support.
  • Bespoke software development to integrate with the YPrime applications for fast startup but with a change to the usual start up and use.
  • MDM integration to control their own devices and update settings in the field. SIM operator configured for data use only.
  • Globally certified the device for import into all applicable countries.
  • Near zero returns or failures in the field.
  • Project length: 20 weeks.