Project: TD 5500

for British Telecom


Develop and manufacture a customized SIM desk phone for British Telecom (BT) to support the launch of their BT One Phone solution aimed at business customers.

Timeline: 48 weeks

Hardware: TD 5500


1. Customized Hardware
TD 5500 SIM Desk Phone, tailored for BT’s specific needs.

- Long-term Support: Included a 24-month warranty and lifetime technical support.

2. Software Development
Integration: Developed bespoke software to integrate with BT's network infrastructure, supporting Virtual PBX functionalities.

3. Plug and Play
User-Friendly: Designed to eliminate the need for additional equipment or installation engineers, providing a hassle-free setup for BT’s business customers.


The TD 5500 project underscores STK’s ability to create custom, reliable communication solutions that enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for large enterprises.