Project: STK X3

for a leading Clinical Research Organisation


Development of a robust, tailored device for a leading Clinical Research Organization (CRO) to facilitate both remote and on-site electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) data collection.

Timeline: 36 weeks

STK X3 Smartphone

Hardware: STK X3


1. Customized Hardware: STK created a specialized smartphone device.

2. Long-term Support: Included a 5-year warranty and lifetime technical and user support.

3. Software Development: Developed custom software to seamlessly integrate with the client’s applications.

4. User Interface: Customized user interfaces for efficient operation.

5. Mobile Device Management (MDM): Integrated MDM allowing the client to
control devices and update settings remotely.

6. SIM Configuration: Configured for data use only, ensuring secure and dedicated connectivity.

7. Global Certification: Certified for import into over 80 countries, a scale unprecedented in the industry.

8 Performance: Achieved near-zero returns and failures in the field, showcasing the device's durability and reliability.


The STK X3 project demonstrates STK’s capability to deliver high-quality, customized technology solutions for clinical trials, enhancing data collection reliability and operational efficiency.