Project: STK Titan 500

for Safaricom


Design and manufacture a rugged smartphone for Safaricom to improve security measures for employees in high-risk areas of South Africa.

Timeline: 36 weeks

Hardware: STK Titan 500


Created the STK Titan 500 Rugged Smartphone with the following key features: -
1. When the phone is switched off, the microphone can be accessed remotely, and the phone can be tracked.
2. Network Walkie-Talkie function for quick chat.
3. IP67 Rugged design for maximum durability and protection.
4. 5-year warranty and lifetime support.
5. Bespoke software development to integrate with the Safaricom security applications.


The STK Titan 500 project illustrates STK’s capability to create robust, customized solutions that enhance security and operational efficiency in high-risk environments.