Project: NEO 1000

for Vodafone


Design and manufacture a plug and-play SIM desk phone with virtual PBX capabilities for Vodafone to facilitate enterprise mobile subscriptions.

Timeline: 20 weeks

Hardware: NEO 1000


1. Customized Hardware
NEO 1000 SIM Desk Phone: Tailored for enterprise use.

- Long-term Support: Provided with a 5-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

2. Software Development
Developed bespoke software to ensure quick start-up and seamless integration with Vodafone applications.

3. Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Remote Management: Enabled Vodafone to control and update devices in the field, ensuring efficient operation.


The NEO 1000 project highlights STK’s ability to create customized, reliable communication solutions for enterprises, enhancing their operational efficiency and service reliability.