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Welcome to STK Life
Welcome to STK Life

Global Certification

STK Life elevates the process of mobile device preparation for clinical trials to an art form, blending our renowned design and production expertise with an in-depth approach to device commissioning and certifications. This service is meticulously crafted to remove the complexities associated with getting devices study-ready, encompassing everything from securing necessary certifications for global use to establishing network connections, and implementing specialized software such as ePRO and eCOA.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team takes charge of the entire preparation process, including rigorous validation and quality control checks, ensuring each device is flawlessly configured for its intended study environment.

By choosing STK Life, our clients gain the freedom to concentrate on the critical elements of their research, reassured by our commitment to managing their mobile technology needs with unparalleled precision and care. Our holistic approach not only simplifies the deployment of mobile devices in clinical trials but also enhances their reliability and compliance, facilitating a smoother, more efficient study process across the globe.